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Ancient Bagan Lifestyle

From the ancient carvings and paintings of the temples and pagodas in Bagan, their ancient lifestyle can be revealed. It can be said that the costumes are combinations of Indian and Chinese cultures. They wore longyi-like long dresses and had shawls on top of their short pieces of cloth. At that time no blouses were available. Most of the materials were made of silk and cotton. The women of Bagan were able to weave the clothing that they wore. Many of the evidences can be found on inscriptions of Queen Pwa Saw's donated pagodas. Both men and women wore band wrist on their arms, bangles on their wrists, necklaces and foot chains. They also had belt-like jewellery accessories on their waist.

During the reign of King Narathu, women started to wear divided long longyies. The king wanted to promote the entertainment facilities in his kingdom and theses changes seem to be start of new ideas.

Describing the wall paintings of the Kyanzittha Umin cave, women usually gather and went to the monasteries carrying offertories, water pots, and some old women. They are followed by groups of musicians playing drums, flutes and harps. They are again followed by men carrying lotus flowers. After them is a large cart carried by four horses which carries the King and Queen of that time.

Depending on the time and the temples, different designs of the people in the ancient time were recorded.

Hairstyles of Bagan

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