Bagan: Ancient Capital of Myanmar


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Ancient Monuments built by Kings & Queens

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Built By Monuments Estimated Date
King Pyusawhti  


Bupaya 3rd C
King Pyin Pyar (A.D 846-878)  

Tharabar Gate

9th C
King Taungthugyi (A.D 931-964)  
  Nathlaung Kyaung 11th C
  Ngakywenadaung 9th C
  Pahtothamya 11th C
King Anawrahta (A.D 1044-1077)  
  Hgnet pyit taung 11th C
  Lawkananda  11th C
  Myinkaba 11th C
  Pitaka Taik 11th C
  Shwesandaw 11th C
  Tant Kyi Taung 11th C
  Tuyin Taung 11th C
  Shwezigon 11th C
  Shin Arahan Oakkyaung 11th C
King Kyanzittha (A.D 1084-1113)  
  Abeyadana 11th or 12th C
  Ananda 11th C
  Kyanzittha Umin 11th C
  Nagayon 12th C
  Gubyauknge 12th C
King Alaungsithu (A.D 1113-1167)  
  Shwegugyi 11th C
  Thatbyinnyu  12th C
King Narathu (A.D 1167-1170)  
  Dhammayangyi 12th C
King Narapatisithu (A.D 1174-1211)  
  Dhammayazika 12th C
  Gawdawpalin 12th C
  Kyaukgu Umin 11th C
  Mimalaung Kyaung 11th C
  Sulamani 12th C
King Nandaungmya (A.D 1211-1234)  
  Htilomino 13th C
  Mahabodhi 13th C
  Seddana 13th
King Kyaswar (A.D 1234-1250)  

Pyathadar (Pyathatgyi)

13th C
King Narathihapati (A.D 1255-1287)  
  Mingalarzedi 13th C
  Tayok Pye 13th C
  Thandawgya 13th C
Queen Seinnyet  

Seinnyet Ama

11th C
Queen Thambulla  


13th C



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