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Around Bagan

Tantkyi Taung Pagoda

Tuyin Taung Pagoda
Mount Popa Salay
Pakkoku Magway

Tuyin Taung Pagoda

Tuyin Taung or the Tuyin hill is located on the eastern side of the Ayeyarwaddy River bank of Bagan. Similar to Tantkyi Taung Pagoda, another famous pagoda in the Bagan region is the Tuyin Taung Pagoda. Tuyin Taung Pagoda was built during A.D 1059 by King Anawrahta. King Vizaraba from Sri Lanka donated one of Buddha's tooth relic and King Anawrahta duplicated with another one and embedded in the sacred place inside this pagoda. There are 32 statues of elephants made in ratio to different directions at the base of the pagoda. It is an octagonal shaped designed platform on which the pagoda resides. Many years passed by but still the pagoda is maintained by time to time. There is a saying that if one could go and pay homeage to Shwezigon pagoda, Tantkyi Taung pagoda, Tuyin Taung pagoda and Lawka Nandar pagoda in a single day, a wish comes true.


Salay is a colorful old religious center in Central Myanmar it is about 1 hours south of Bagan. In between visiting the numerous ancient monasteries, adorned with beautiful woodcarving, you can enjoy the beauty of this compact city of colonial buildings, monasteries and pagodas.

Visit the famous monastery "Yoke-Sone-Kyaung'' which is a cultural heritage site in Salay, which in situated on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River. It is famous with its spectacular woodcarvings and also it is the native town of the famous writer Salay U Pone Nya during the time of the Myanmar Kings.

Salay Yoke Sone Kyaung was built in AD 1882. There are very beautiful artistic work woodcarvings around it and also ancient Buddha image, utensils of Yadanabon 19 century period, and the museum of Myanmar famous writer U Pone Nya in Salay Yoke Sone Kyaung.


Pakkoku is also known as Pakhangyi. It is slightly upstream of Bagan, but on other bank about 42 kms, the old town of Pakkoku was contemporary of Bagan. It preserved monuments of time and in particular its walls. The two old pagodas of Shwegu and Thiho-Shin are also centers of local arts and crafts where are held of many festivals. Many old tombs on both sides of the walls can be seen. There is also a small museum of the place. One will discover the sites Buddhist of 13th and 14th centuries post Bagan period. In the city close to Pakangyi of the large monasteries are in activity, Kyaungdawgyi and the monastery of the 254 pillars.


Magway is the capital city of Magway Division in Central Myanmar, is situated on the eastern bank of the Ayeyawaddy River, the main artery of our country.

Magway, and another prominent town, Minbu are situated side by side on the Ayeyawaddy River. You can travel by car, by air or by boat, whichever means you prefer to travel. By waterway, it is 378 miles from Yangon by road it is 330 miles. 


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