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Bagan Photo Gallery

Bagan Photo 1 Scenes of Bagan
Bagan Photo 2 Ananda Temple, Dhammayangyi Temple
Bagan Photo 3 Dhammayangyi Temple, Dhammayazika Temple
Bagan Photo 4 Dhammayazika Temple, Abeyadana Temple, Bu Pagoda
Bagan Photo 5 Bu Pagoda, Alodawpyae Temple, Gadawtpaling Temple
Bagan Photo 6 Gubyaukgyi Temple, Hgnet Pyit Taung, Htilominlo Temple
Bagan Photo 7 Htilominlo Temple, Upali Thein
Bagan Photo 8 Thabbyinnyu Temple, Shwezigon Temple
Bagan Photo 9 Shwezigon Temple
Bagan Photo 10 Pathotharmyar Temple, Tharabar Gate, Mahabodhi Temple
Bagan Photo 11 Mahabodhi Temple, Sulamani Temple
Bagan Photo 12 Myazedi Pagoda, Nagayon Temple, Myo Daunt Monastery
Bagan Photo 13 Shwegugyi Temple, Mahazedi Pagoda
Bagan Photo 14 Manuha Temple, Pyathagyi Temple
Bagan Photo 15 Tantkyi Taung Pagoda, Shin Izza Gauna Temple
Bagan Photo 16 Nathlaung Kyaung, Ngekywenadaung, Shwesandaw Temple, Kyaukgu Umin
Bagan Photo 17 Lemyathnar Temple, Ngarmyathnar Temple,  Lawkanandar Pagoda, Mimalaung Kyaung
Bagan Photo 18 Meenyeingone, Soemingyi Temple
Bagan Photo 19 Thambulla Temple, Winido Temples,
Bagan Photo 20 Seinnyet Nyima Temple, Seinnyet Ama Temple, Lacquerware workshop
Bagan Photo 21 Lacquerware workshop, Bagan lifestyles
Bagan Photo 22 Bagan Museum, Palm tree productions and the Bagan lifestyle, Mount Popa
Bagan Photo 23 Mount Popa




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