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Bagan Travel Tips

Area Information

Located in central Myanmar, Bagan is 400 miles north of the capital Yangon.

Aside from the Myanmar language, English is spoken at hotels and other tourist spots.

Time Difference
+6.5 GMT

Bagan enjoys a dry climate throughout most of the year. Average temperature
during the summer months (April to September) is around 32 degrees, and around 28 degrees the rest of the year.

Entrance Fee
All visitors arriving in Bagan are required to pay the US$10
Bagan Archeological Zone Entrance Fee.

Local currency is the Kyat. United States Dollars (US$) and Foreign Exchange
Certificates (FEC) are accepted at hotels.

Tipping is not encouraged.

Donation can be made at every pagodas and temples. There is an office where people can donate money.


The airport in Bagan is Nyaung U airport, located in Nyaung U region. There are daily flights from Yangon to Bagan. The carrier flights are provided by Yangon Airways, Air Mandalay, Myanma Airways and Air Bagan. The flights take about an hour and ten minutes from Yangon.

There are cruises Mandalay to and from Bagan. Road to Mandalay and Pandaw 1947 has summer and winter cruise schedules.

Trains from Yangon and Mandalay stop at Tharzi junction. This station is where it is accessible to Bagan by a 3 hour drive.

Express Bus
There are regular coaches from Yangon to Bagan and Mandalay to Bagan. It will take about 10 hours from Yangon to Bagan.

There are private taxis in Bagan. You only need to let the hotel, if you needed any taxi. They can arrange it for you.

Horse Cart
Sight seeing around in Bagan can give you a great pleasure and at the same time going around with horse carts can be an exciting experience. To rent a horse cart, you can just ask the hotel you are staying and they can arrange a horse cart and a driver to go out. The charges are per day.

If you want to roam around by yourself, then you can rent bicycles from hotels and inn. They can arrange this for you. You will need some sun cream and water, if you would go on a bicycle.

Boats are available next to the Bupaya Pagoda for short trips down the peaceful Ayeyarwaddy River. Going down the Ayeyarwaddy can give you a marvellous journey.

Walking along dusty rural paths and stumbling across temples and stupas is the best way to feel a part of Bagan. A map of Bagan will be useful for one while walking around the region.

Before you go

What to wear
Bagan has a hot and humid weather. Light clothing will be appropriate for visitors. Easy to wear, cotton and cool fabrics are ideal all year round. Sensible walking shoes would be appropriate which can be easily removed when visiting temples and pagodas. Shorts, short skirts or revealing clothing are not appropriate especially when visiting temples or any religious site. Hat, caps are also needed if you are travelling all day in Bagan.

Video cameras and photo cameras are allowed to be taken onto the temples and pagodas. But there may be some charges for carrying theses.

Visitors are advised to drink only bottled or boiled water. Bottled drinking water
is available in the guest rooms, compliments of Thiripyitsaya.

220 Volts


Souvenirs, paintings and lacquerware from Bagan are available at mostly everywhere. Most of the main temples and pagodas have stalls with displays of souvenirs and paintings. There are also stairway stalls selling books, and Myanmar made crafts. The paintings and souvenirs are at affordable prices. Bargaining is possible at some places.

Bagan is famous for one product in particular, lacquer ware. The products can be seen everywhere and can be bought at reasonable prices. There are lacquerware manufacturing factories which have been producing the finest quality wares for decades. The exquisite works of the step by step of making lacquerware can be seen, as a sight-seeing event. Workshops are on-site and they will happily show you around. While you are in Bagan, it is worth visiting theses places.


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