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Bocho Mi Gubyauk Temple

Type of monument : Type III Temple (Kundaung Pauk Gu)
Location : South of Thiripyitsaya Village
Region : Thiripyitsaya
Built by : Unknown
Date : 13th Century
Monument Number : 995

Bocho Mi Gubyauk Temple is also known as Thiri Gubyauk Temple. The name of this temple was inherited from the name of a hero known as Bocho, of the colonial period in the south of the village of Thiripitsaya and near the pagoda of Lawkanandar. As the legend says, Bo Cho and his sons Bo Sin and Bo Win were hiding in this temple during the colonial period. But finally they were caught.

Lawkanandar was built by Anawratha two centuries earlier. Since Lawkanandar was built during 10th century, this temple seems to be built around the 13th century. It is a temple similar to the type Bodh Gaya which makes think of Mahabodhi or Gubyaukgyi of Wetkyi-In. The temple faces the east. There is no opening on the north or the south sides as in Gubyuakgyi. The terraces are crenulated with obelisks at the 4 corners. Vaults painted of geometrical reasons and scenes of the jatakas and gracious sculptures on Sikhara can still be found on the walls.










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