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King Alaung Sithu

Ruling Years : A.D (1113 - 1160)

King Alaung Sithu was the grandson of King Kyanzittha. He was the son of Prince Sawyun and Princess Shwe Ein Si. King Alaung Sithu had a sister called Saw Min Hla.

Prince Alaung Sithu became the King of Bagan at the age of 23 and his reign lasted for 47 years. King Alaung Sithu had five queens. They are Yadanarbon, Tri Lawka Sandar, Raza Kumaryi, Taung Pyin The and Khin Oo.

Queen Yadanarbon was popular among the community in the palace. She had two sons, Min Shin Saw and Narathu. Queen Tri Lawka Sandar had a son called Htauk Hlay Kar. Queen Raza Kumaryi had no children. Queen Taung Pyin The has two daughters, Taung Phar and Shwe Kyuu. Queen Khin Oo is the younger sister of Queen Taung Pyin The. She had two children, Chit Oo and Kyaung Daw The Narathu became the crown prince. His brother Min Shin Saw was not in good relationship with his father and was sent to rule the City of Thayet. During King Alaung Sithu's reign, he donated the Shwegugyi Pagoda. The pagoda was constructed in A.D 1131. It took seven months to complete the construction. Thabyinnyu Pagoda was also constructed by King Alaung Sithu in A.D 1144. The height of the pagoda is about 200 feet and is known as the highest pagoda in Bagan.

King Alaung Sithu went on voyages with his royal barge. He traveled around to get to know more about the people and to discover the different lifestyles. King Alaung Sithu died at A.D 1160, while he was building the Dhammayangyi Pagoda. He was not able to complete it.



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