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King Anawrahta

Ruling Years : A.D (1044 - 1077)

Anawrahta is known to have ascended the throne from his brothers. King Anawrahta went to China to ask for the Buddha's scared tooth relic. He went with an enormous troop but it was in vein. He never got the tooth relic. King Anawrahta became a pure devotee to Buddhism after meeting Shin Arahan.

He encouraged believing in Buddhism and wanted to spread in his reign. He truly believed in Buddhism and he strictly denied the worshipping of the Brahmas, the Hinduism and the spirits at his time. So he built a building called Nat Hlaung Kyaung, where the statues and images of these spirits were put. During his reign, King Anawrahta battled against Thahtone and won. He captured King Manuha and queen, brought them to Bagan.

He also took the Three Pitakat. There were four famous knights during his time. They were, Kyansitta, Nyaung U Phi, Nge Lone Latpae, Nge Htwe Yuu. They were praised and believed to be equal strength to 400,000 troops. Lawkananda Pagoda was a famous pagoda built by King Anawrahta and he constructed the pagoda in 1059. King Anawrahta died in 1077. By history, it is said that he was attacked by a group of bull.


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