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King Narathihapate

Ruling Years : A.D (1256 - 1287)

King Narathihapate was the son of King Uzana and Queen Su Lae Htone. He was born on 23 April 1238. King Narathihapate had six queens. They were Queen Phwar Saw, Saw Lone, Saw Nang, Shin Shwe, Shin Mauk, and Shin Thar. Queen Phwar Saw was also known as Saw Hla Won Phwar Saw. She had two sons, Yazar Thu and Kyaw Swa. But Prince Yazar Thu died in 1291.

When King Uzana went to Dala, Prince Narathihapate went along with him. King Uzana died during the hunting of elephants, but the Prince was left behind. And in May 1256, he became the King of Bagan. He donated and constructed the Amana Monastery in A.D 1266. The relationship between Bagan and Mongolia was in chaos before. In A.D. 1271, a diplomatic group from Yunan Province was sent to Bagan by the order of the Mongol King. The diplomatic group announced Bagan to propel gifts to the King of Mongol and to become a state under their territory. In A.D. 1272, Bagan returned a message saying that Bagan will never become a territory of the Mongol empire. Then again, another group of diplomats was sent to Bagan in A.D. 1273.

The three diplomats were killed by rebellions at the border but the Mongol King thought that it was the intention of the Bagan King. And in A.D 1277, there were battles going on at the Myanmar-China border. In A.D 1283, the Mongol troops conquered the northern part of Myanmar. Then King Narathihapate had to escape to the southern part of Myanmar and hid in Pyay where his son Thiha Thu was in control. Thiha Thu tried to assassinate his father. But it was predicted by Uzana (Narathihapate's brother) from Pathein and kept Thiha Thu in prison. But King Narathihapate released him. Finally, Thiha Thu had a chance to catch his father and killed him by feeding him poisoned food. That was the end of King Narathihapate. He died at the age of 57.




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