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King Pyinbya or Pyinbya Min

Ruling Years : A.D (846 - 878)

King Pyin Pyar Min was the first to have found the fourth Bagan Era. He was the son of King Saw Khin Nit, and was born in 816. He was ascended from the Bagan royal family. He had an elder brother Khae Lu Min and was known as a great king before his reign.

Before becoming the King of Bagan, he ruled the Pyin Pyar territory and the name of the territory brought him to be known by the place. King Pyin Pyar constructed the new city of Bagan on the 23 December 849. There were four wise men and four monks who helped him build the city.

The names of the four wise men were, Prince Seint, Huyar Phyu, Huyar Nyo and In Pyit. The names of the four monks were, Thama Lindar, Shin Anandar, Shin Utara and Shin Selpa.



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