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Manuha Pagoda Festival

The Manuha Pagoda Festival is annual held during September or October ore more precisely on the day before the Full moon day of Tawthalin. There is an amazing donation at such a time. The homes in the neighbourhood of this pagoda in Myinkaba Village, serve white rice cakes and pickled winter melon to all comers. Trays are set outside the houses and no matter who ever come passing through they are offered with snacks. It is known as "Sadu Ditha" or the free donation of food.

Monks from many monasteries are invited and alms bowls full of food are offered to them on the morning of the Full Moon Day. Some other locals from nearby places come by boats to this festival and the jetty is crowded with ferries.

During the festival, the Myinkaba Villagers march a parade with representation of the Jataka tales of the lives of Buddha. Most of the young villagers would take part in the roles of the king, queens and other characters. The festival is for two days.

Paper mache characters are also created with one's own ideas and displayed at such a time. The paper figures are colourful and also of a variety of design. Some are animals such as tigers, horses, crocodiles or even a gigantic rabbit. Some represent the spiritual beings.

There are also villages and locals selling local products and home made products on the way to the pagoda. Different stalls can be seen and they only come and sell at such a time.


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