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Nann Myint Viewing Tower

Nann Myint or the Bagan tower has been open to public since April 2005. The tower is located at the eastern part of Bagan archeological site. A huge 5 stars resort has been built at the bottom of the tower.

Nann Myint means "The high palace" in Myanmar. Nann Myint Viewing Tower is the ideal one stop viewpoint for visitors to Bagan to see the wonders of over 2000 ancient architectural temples and monuments of the 11th to 13th century.

The tower has a height of 60 metres. The tower has a total of 13 levels. At the first floor, there is a small galleria with souvenir shop. The first 2 levels are meeting rooms, from level 5 to 7 are the offices rooms, from level 11 to 13 are the viewing rooms. There are also restaurants at the top levels.

About 2000 visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Bagan from the Nann Myint Tower. The entrance fees are 10 USD per pax.

The basic construction of the Viewing Tower is concrete and steel reinforced combined with Myanmar 10 traditional arts.


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