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Ashe & Anauk Petleik Pagodas

Type of monument : Type IV Temple (Sinhalese)
Location : North of Lawkanandar Pagoda
Region : Thiripyitsaya & Bagan Myo Thit
Built by : King Anwarahta
Date : 11th Century
Monument Number :

Ashe meaning east and Anauk meaning west in Myanmar, defines theses pagodas as the pagodas in east and west Petleik. Theses were built by King Anawrahta. The two pagodas are similar to each other but the Eastern pagoda is larger than the other one. Petleik means "Rolled leaves" resembles the shape of the pagodas in wrapped leaf form. The Western pagoda is better preserved and has a bell-shaped dome. There are unusual features of the dome and are four deep niches at the cardinal points to house images of the Buddha. Anauk Petleik Pagoda has a damaged bowl-shaped disc rests on the dome, while Ashe Petleik has a box-like relic chamber occupying the corridor. Series of Jataka plaques were originally complete, but many are now missing and some are broken into fragments.

In 1905, an excavating group revealed a twin 11th century pagodas near Thiripyitsaya village. The pagodas were built not on a solid base as expected, but on vaulted corridors, the walls of which were lined with hundreds of unglazed terracotta tiles illustrating scenes from the jatakas. New roofs were built over these twin tiers of tiles, many of which are still in excellent condition, particularly in the better preserved Anauk Petleik Paya. The buildings themselves are not very impressive but are of ancient architecture.









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