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Mingalabar from the Golden Land!

Greetings from the Ancient City of Bagan, Myanmar ( Burma )

Bagan (Pagan)  with over 2000 Pagodas and Temples in upper Myanmar and you can visit Bagan all year round as there is no actual rainy Season like in the lower parts of Myanmar, therefore we called it Sommer Season.

Daily flights from Yangon to Bagan and from Chiang May via Mandalay also a direct flight from Seam Rap (Cambodia) by Air Bagan.

Bagan (Pagan) has a variety of Hotels, and offers from economical Rooms to 4* Hotels with all the comfort you expect, and with a wide culinary variety which includes Western, Asian, Chinese and the traditional Myanmar cuisine.

Bagan (Pagan) with their Pagodas and Temples dating back more than 1500 years of history is the most fascinating place for visitors and you arrange your sightseeing Tour by Car, Horse Cart or on your own on a Bicycle. Also you can have a idyllic Sunset Boat trip on the Ayeyarwaddy River to observe the beautiful Sunset over Bagan while enjoying a cold Drink.

Bagan (Pagan) is also a great place for beautiful local Art, such as Lacquer ware, Bamboo works and beautiful local made Cloth.

Other attraction is a day trip to Mount Popa, 50 Km from Bagan to view the Monastery built on top of a Mountain, 1518 mt.( 4981feet ) which you can visit, you only have to climb 777 steps to the top. Come to Bagan and be enchanted by the beauty of the ancient City.

Bagan's Favourite

Bagan Travel Tips

Why Bagan (Pagan) is Special

Bagan is notable for its expanse of sacred geography, the number and size of their individual ancient monuments. The ruins of Bagan cover an area of 16 square miles. The majority of its buildings were built in the 11th to 13th centuries, during the time Bagan was the capital of the Myanmar dynasty. Bagan is also the first place to have transformed into a religious and cultural centre, by Shin Arahan who brought Theravada Buddhism to this land. Bagan is full of ancient architectural designs, mural paintings, precious frescoes and stone inscriptions to see for yourself, and also it is the centre for the manufacturing of lacquerware products in Myanmar. Hence it is marked as a cultural heritage of the Myanmar People, and also a landmark full of ancient pagodas and monuments which can be rarely encountered today. Bagan is one of the major historical landmarks of Asia and represents the outstanding achievement of Theravada Buddhism. Most of the site were damaged by the 1975 earthquake and cooperation with UNESCO projects help some experimental conservation work, restoration of mural paintings and maintaining some of the rare monuments.

The 4 Wonders of Bagan (Pagan)

There is rhyme traditionally sung by the people of Bagan (Pagan):

Dhammayangyi Temple, Old Bagan, Myanmar

Massiveness that is Dhammayangyi

Dhammayangyi Temple is noted for its massiveness. It is a cave pagoda built by King Narathu in A.D. 1170 and completed within 3 years. The name "Dhammayangyi" as interpreted by scholars, means "The Light of Buddha's Teaching."


Loftiness that is Thatbyinnyu

"Thatbyinnyu" means "omniscience" which the Lord Buddha attained on becoming enlightened.


Thatbyinnyu Temple, Old Bagan, Myanmar

Ananda Temple, Old Bagan, Myanmar

Grace that is Ananda

It is said that every Myanmar should visit Bagan (Pagan) and without visiting Ananda Temple, you cannot say that you have visited Bagan (Pagan).


Almighty that is Shwezigon

Shwezigon is a magnificent monument in Bagan (Pagan). Shwezigon consists of Buddha Images, with their left hands exhibit exposition mudra while the right hands are held palm outward, fingers straight up, portraying the gesture of abhaya or 'no fear'. Therefore, it is known as Bagan's almighty pagoda.


Shwezigon Pagoda, Nyaung U, Myanmar

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